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What's Your Worth?

I started my videography business with an iPhone and 35 dollars in 2017. One thing that I always struggled with was pricing for my services. I started out my business as an entry level videographer. Often times I under priced myself just to have an opportunity to create work. As I began to advance and invest in better equipment I began to change the price for my services. I want to take a further dive into the logic behind the price of videography production and services. When you are paying for such services you are paying for time talent and tools.

  • Time: Videographers have to dedicate a significant amount of time to produce great quality work. Weddings can be an all day job depending on the package selection. There is also the time spent on editing the project and trying to condense hours of footage into minute long videos. You also cant forget the time spent on planning and scripting.

  • Talent: When you start working with videographers who produce professional, premium or Hollywood level work, the prices tend to rise for the services. This typically means you are getting phenomenal quality videos that stand out from others and in some cases are reward winning. Talent is enhanced by experience so the longer you are in business, and the more you learn it renders an elevation in talent.

  • Tools: This is the best part. The equipment used in video production is the key in producing great quality work. As a professional videographer you need a high end camera, lighting, microphones and camera stabilizers to name a few things. Oh and of course a computer for editing along with editing software,

Bottom line, the more experienced the videographer and high quality equipment they possess the more you will pay for services. However, you will get great quality work. I think the most important thing is time. There is a ton of time that goes into film production. You have to determine how much you are worth and not allow yourself to get discouraged when customers shy away from your services due to pricing. You are a walking brand and you set your value. If an individual wants to pay what you are worth then they will. If they don't they will go with someone else who provides services within their budget.

Kyran Ashford

CEO of Ashford Films

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